Loomehäkk otsib sel korral võimalusi ühendada füüsiline ja digitaalne disain


Tallinnas toimub teist korda suur loomealade häkkimismaraton Loomehäkk, mis sel korral otsib võimalusi ühendada füüsiline ja digitaalne disain. Loomehäki korraldajateks on digitaalse loovmeedia inkubaator DIGIX, Tallinna ülikooli avatud akadeemia ja uue partnerina Eesti kunstiakadeemia sisearhitektuuri osakond, mis annab osalejate käsutusse…

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Recap on a Trip to Finland



30-headed bunch of enthusiasts form Digix, EEVR – Estonian Virtual Reality and EKA went to Finland. We visited Umbra 3D Games and Mindfield offices, Aalto University, touched and experimented with VR stuff in FIVR Hub and went to Design Reform.…

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14. juunil toimub esimene Eesti VR-huviliste väljasõit Helsingisse



Tahad 10 euroga Soome VR-friikidel külas käia? 14. juunil toimub esimene Eesti VR-huviliste väljasõit Helsingisse, et kohtuda Soome VR firmadega, vaadata ja näppida nende demosid, uudistada Aalto Ülikooli laboreid ja osaleda Soome VR kogukonna kokkusaamisel. Digitaalse loovmeedia inkubaator DIGIX saab…

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All about marketing and design

FB 3


This weeks seminar was all about marketing and branding. We had the gorgeous Annika Ljaš, who talked about marketing and about different marketing channels. Main focus on Facebook and Twitter. We also had super-taleted designer Pedro Gomes from Portugal. He talked more about…

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Mentor Keith Fuller



We had an awesome mentor Keith Fuller from Fuller Game Production @ Digix yestarday. We talked about how to manage and develop creative teams. He strongly believes, that every business problem is a people problem and we, as a manager,…

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Loomehäkk: music edition gallery



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Congratulations to the Loomehäkk music edition winners!



Palju õnne võitjatele – Uku, Thea, Birgit ja Siim! Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for the mentors – Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt, Bill Wilson, Dorothy Hui, Toomas Seppel! Big thanks to the heads of the table – Natalie Mets, Juko-Mart Kõlar, Madis Vasser, Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Triin Siil, Indrek Ibrus, Kaarel Tamra, Kadri…

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Apply by March 24!



DIGIX’ second batch of startups kicks off a 6-month incubation programme on April 1st, 2016. If you have a business idea that rocks, a committed team and drive to reach your goals, make sure to submit your application on this page…

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Open Doors Day 23.02.2016



Baltics’ first digital creative media incubator DIGIX is ready for a new batch of ambitious start-ups in digital creative media. Come visit our open doors day on Tuesday, February 23 at 4PM. We will introduce DIGIX progroamme for the next…

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Come visit DIGIX Open Doors Day with Mike Hines!



The Baltic’s first incubator for digital creative media startups, DIGIX, invites you to our first info day of the year on Tuesday, February 9th at 4PM in the 4th floor lounge of the Baltic Film and Media School. DIGIX works…

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Digix is the first start-up incubator for creative media companies in Estonia and the Baltic states. Digix is a place to grow your business, team, company and ideas if your are passionate about gaming, e-learning, electronic publishing, reuse of film heritage, location based services and content creation for digital screens. In our 6-month intensive programme, you will be immersed in weekly seminars by leading experts in the region, present your project to peers and pitch it to investors, and go on study trips to leading Baltic Sea start-up centres and stars. Digix is targeted at you if you are entrepreneurial, have an exciting business idea, committed team and a viable action plan.

We welcome you to Digix if:

  • – You operate in Digixi fields
  • – You have a realistic business idea
  • – You have a clear willingness to start-up your business
  • – You have an active team, with whom to make it happen
  • – You have a company registered in Estonia (not older than two years)
BFM building view.

BFM building view.