Loomehäkk vol 4: Creative Spaces

PAGE BANNER1Creative Spaces are all around us: just jump in and hack away! Loomehäkk is the largest 48-hour hackathon in the Baltic Sea region focusing solely on creative industries and it is coming back for the 4th edition on September 8-10 at the Baltic Film and Media School. Our core goal is to push motivated teams to build a working prototype in a strictly limited timeframe that expands our understanding of space and helps solve very real issues of very real people.

Set up your own team of creatives, code writers, designers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to bring your idea to life. Come and seek missing talents for your team. Join other hacking crews with soaring ideas. You will have the entire Baltic Film and Media School building, mentors, equipment, practitioners, free meals, unshakeable WiFi and 48 hours at your disposal to build a unique solution and present it to the jury to compete for prizes.

NB! Early bird registration 15 euros until August 31, thereafter 25 euros. FREE for students, ask us for the promo code and please bring you student ID to the event. Get your tickets here.

The central theme of the 4th edition of Loomehäkk is creative space in all its manifestations:

✘✘✘ VIRTUAL SPACE: digital and virtual environments that expand the limits of our physical surroundings. Think of virtual and augmented reality, location based services, artificial spaces, etc. Excited? Then join this track.

✘✘✘ PLAYING SPACE: play is an integral and inalienable facet of human existence from cradle to grave. Playing is the fastest way to learn things, and learning to play teaches us to live. If you are into games, learning games, gamified applications, etc., then this is the right track for you.

✘✘✘ CULTURAL SPACE: culture is the man-made virtual environment that helps us adapt to changing and challenging circumstances, from cave paintings to Bach’s fugues and product design. If you want to push the boundaries of space where our daily culture inhabits, join this track.

✘✘✘ SHOWROOM: things don’t just need to be great, they also need to look great. That is the purpose behind showorooms, from fashion stages to web galleries and online fairs. If innovation in displaying things and images is as important to you as their innate qualities, then go for this track.

✘✘✘ URBAN SPACE: humankind was born into nature but has since created and moved into urban spaces. What great things can we take from nature to turn urban environments more friendly and habitable and reduce the ongoing atomisation of modern societies? If you are eager to find answers to these questions, join our urban space track.

The distinguished jury will judge your prototypes based on the following criteria:
Overall quality of the idea and delivery
Creativity and use of creative industries
Technical maturity
Impact and business viability