Between 01.08.2015–31.07.2017, the European Regional Development Fund co-funded a project called “Digital Media Creative Incubator ” with NGO Estonian Digital Centre.

Digix is a Tallinn, Estonia-based business incubator for digital creative media start-ups. Launched in 2015, Digix is founded by Estonian Digital Centre, Gamefounders and IGDA Estonia.

The total grant is up to € 183 148,65

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Estonian Digital Centre is a member of Cross Motion network. Cross Motion is a EU-funded project (2016-2019) whose objective is to facilitate cooperation of screen industries (audiovisual and video-games industries) with other sectors such as education, tourism or healthcare. Such co-operation is expected to result in “cross-innovation” practices that combine the skills and knowledge of creative industries with those of other sectors. The aim is to provide jobs and find new revenues for screen industries and to benefit other sectors with innovative solutions.

Cross Motion is one of the Interreg’s Flagship Projects  in the EUSBSR Policy Area Culture.

The activities and aims of the project are:

  1. 1. Inter-sector events (conferences and hackathlons) aimed at mapping the current practices and distributing awareness about cross-innovation opportunities
  2. 2. Development of prototypes serving as benchmarking path-breakers for further co-operation
  3. 3. Creating regional networks for inter-sector co-operation by connecting media clusters, incubators and accelerators as well as producers, game developers and innovation managers amongst others
  4. 4. Promotion of R&D on cross-innovation in service of SMEs and policy making
  5. 5. Conducting research and provide evidence for designing cross-innovation activities, studying the actual processes of these activities and providing policy suggestions on how to further facilitate intersector co-operation in ways beneficial for screen and health industries, tourism and education.
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