Digix and Music Estonia present: Loomehäkk music edition

When: 31.03.2015

Where: Telliskivi Loomelinnak (Telliskivi 60A)

Creative Hack: Music Edition is a half-day music industry lightning ideation hack session where various music related future possibilities and concepts are being brain-attacked. We present 9 different topics and teams of 5-7 people are formed around those. These teams will inhabit some of the many offices in Telliskivi Creative City area hosted by various companies and hack towards visionary concepts and ideas. Each team has a moderator to keep up the creative heat, while the whole process is observed and counselled by a group of mentors featuring some international music industry experts.

Each team has about 3 hours to hack through the chosen topic and present some innovative ideas and conceptual solutions to relevant problems. Themes range from music industry business models to new formats (such as VR & AR), from handy digital tools for music creators to future functions of music in various contexts (from health-tech to social spaces), from copyright in the digital age to futuristic music instruments. In the end each team has to pitch their best ideas to the jury of mentors who will then pick the winner who among other things get free delegate passes to Tallinn Music Week Conference!

We offer food, drinks and smart company! Be sure to register early at https://www.amiando.com/XAHYIXS.html


1. Music Business 2.0 – where’s the commercial opportunity between creators and consumers/audiences in the information age?

2. Music & Data – what kinds of data does the wide music consumer base generate? How to capture, structure, analyze, package and monetize it?

3. New (virtual) spaces and music – how will VR be populated with music and how that will affect listening habits? Will augmented audio reality bring on a completely new “soundtrack” to our everyday lives?

4. Music’s future functions – how can music be used in making people’s lives better (other than experiencing as an art form)? Will music be used in health-tech or will public spaces be finally equipped with algorithm driven smart sound ambience responsive to people’s moods?

5. New tools for music creators – New challenges, new opportunities – what kind of tools and services could empower the modern creator to be in control of her creative output and still open up ways to earn sustainable income from it?

6. Legal and policy frameworks – How will copyright laws be designed in a way that protects and benefits the creators while not hindering fast evolving creativity in the so-called remixing culture age?

7. New services for music listeners – Spotify and Apple Music are just the first step. What comes then?

8. Sound control – Which will be the 21st century musical instruments? Which new interfaces could be developed to manipulate sound in the age of virtual reality, touch sensitive holograms and smart sensors?

9. Education – What happens when music education finally meets the digital revolution?


Why do we need to hack the music sector?

Across recent decades the Music Industry had been shaped by restrictions to consumer behaviour: the limited capacities of live music venues, the limited functionality of physical sound-recording carriers (vinyl, CD, etc), the limited range of curated playlists (terrestrial radio), were amongst the drivers of consumer demand. When digital started to create potential new de-restricted opportunities, a failure to supply consumers with less-restricted offerings pushed some music fans off grid into pirate marketplaces. The industry survived that transition and is now getting to grips with an optimistic environment in which consumers expect fewer limits, and almost everything has changed!

Data: the raw material of the information age, is the rocket fuel for growth strategies across all industries, and the music industry is no different. In the near-future music needs to respond to a number of challenges, most prominently the data challenge. Whilst respecting basic codes of the data superhighway (respect for individuals personal data and right to privacy); in the next few years, we can also, – and indeed have to – look further ahead.

And this is what Creative Hack: Music Edition is about!


09:30 Start of registration & Coffee

10:00 Opening words from Virgo & Martin

10:15 Key-note Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt

10:45 Team forming & START

11:00 Start!

12:30 Lunch

13:00 Mentor rounds


14:45 Jury decision time

15:00 Announcing winners

15:30 Networking